I am a wanderer (of sorts) through this meandering maze, taking my time, smelling the flowers, and occasionally peeking around the corner. Life, in all its grandeur, impresses me. The expansiveness of things overwhelms me. I am in awe of the beauty of weeping willows and ladybugs. How small and insignificant am I when such beauty exists? This journey is worth every second – with or without a map!

I love coffee, cats,  and conversations. I admire compassion, chicken wings, and creativity. Yes, chicken wings. Especially my hubby’s. They are, well, a gift. I value truth and growing from pain.

God, my hubby, family, friends, writing and reading are my air.

See that pen? It’s a pathway to freedom. True story.

I started a blog nearly five years ago and fluttered from one idea to another with no “platform” per se. My goal here is to discuss the following things:

Tuesdays: Discoveries of truth and God and recovering from a legalistic past

Thursdays: Randomness from the corners of my mind, like dealing with Meniere’s Disease and Menopause, being an aunt, learning new things (about myself and the world), and appreciating life one breath at a time

Occasionally: An epiphany, a poem (usually Haiku), a rant, wisdom from between the lines

I hope you don’t mind following along as I purge the kaleidoscopic craziness inside my head. No map required.

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